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Some friends of mine put this information together and I thought it would be helpful to share with others. One of the best books you can have on hand is the Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR). It is not just about Essential Oils.

On page 241 in the Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR 3rd edition), the question is asked "Who needs Cleansing?"  The answer is "Everyone needs cleansing."  Especially after the holiday season.

    "What herb cures all ailments? 
    By the black Ravens crime and by this rhyme,
    the answer would be Thyme."
            From 'Eldest' p. 573 - book 2 of the Eragon series

    Cleansing supports the body in its efforts to fight off disease by helping it to not be so encumbered or overloaded by the accumulations of mucous and toxins and the parasites and bacteria that feed on then.  Cleansing also helps to dissolve, loosen, and eliminate old accumulated acids, and assists the body in its 'preference' to maintain an alkaline pH.  This is good.

    In the EODR, it mentions that a good cleansing program ought to utilize abundant pure water and / or fresh juice, and also utilize high potency herbs, digestive enzymes, and therapeutic grade essential oils.  Essential oils have a special lipid soluble makeup which gives them a great ability to penetrate cell membranes, break up undigested foods and neutralize toxins.

    While at times you may want to focus your cleansing on a certain part of the body, generally speaking, it is good to approach cleansing on a 'whole body basis'. including, colon, digestion, liver, stomach, and the internal organs and glands such as the pancreas and kidneys.


    When we look over the ingredients in Young Living's five-day cleanse and read the instructions we get a pretty good idea of what it will do.  Mostly, it is a 'skip a fat-building / non nutritious meal' and replace it with Balance Complete - a fiber rich, nutrient rich, low calorie, high protein easy to digest drink.  In addition to the drink, the cleanse contains Ningxia Red (NXR) replacing dietary things like soft drinks and milkshakes, and three really great essential oil supplements (Omega Blue, Digest and Cleanse, Longevity) to help with digestion and metabolism.  Some people seem to need a bit of a 'rough fiber boost' during the cleanse and we suggest adding 1 rounded Tablespoon of ground up Flax seeds with each serving of Balance Complete.  These people also need about 2-3 extra glasses of water per day as their large intestine and colon need to be thoroughly hydrated.  The herbs and fibers will loosen accumulated matter and it is good to flush it out.

    This combination has a very beneficial effect on both digestion and elimination - especially if a person drinks enough water and moves their body.  By completing at least one 5-day cleanse and then following up with the 'Restore your Core' program you will then have beneficial impact on the digestion and quality of the blood.  Then by continuing to reduce the factors that contribute to inflammation in the body (tissues, organs, glands, muscles, etc.), a person, especially an overweight and out of shape person can begin to reduce their risk of long term degenerative disease . . . also reducing their risk of acute ailments.  It takes time.  Persistence and diligence are good values when it comes to cleansing.  Consider the man Tom met in Utah in June of 2007.  This man had been in a wheelchair for 3 years and was taking 21 different medical drugs every day, and was nearing the end of his days.  In two years on Young Living products, he was walking, climbing stairs, and COMPLETELY OFF HIS DRUGS!!!!

    Some people need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and get their booties in gear.


    The Master Cleanser is totally different.  It can be very helpful for people who are toxic and acidic as it helps to neutralize acids in the body and then work towards the same objectives of reduced inflammation and improved blood profile.  It is long and slow and does not appear to have the same 'organ regenerating' capability as the 5-day / Restore your Core program.  Many people need to take strong herbs like Senna to get their bowels moving on the Master Cleanser.  These can be helpful when a person does not have a movement on the 5 Day.

    Some people who do the 5 Day will find it helpful to drink some of the Master Cleanser style Lemonade - fresh Lemon Juice with Cayenne, Maple Syrup (or Blue Agave), and water.  Other people will be totally afraid of doing a five day cleanse, and for them the Master Cleanser and NXR are a perfect combo as they can skip all of the morning meals by drinking these two drinks, and get used to the idea of changing patterns.  Other people are afraid of 'having to go to the bathroom too much', and you will need to enlighten them to understand that this is a 'good thing'.


    Another group of products very helpful for people is the Cleansing Trio, especially "ComforTone".  Comfortone helps to 'open the system - use it first when starting a cleanse - with a lot of water. The EODR Book recommends 10 glasses per day.  It helps to relieve constipation, strengthen colon function, and dispel parasites and toxins.  For the complete list of ingredients and usage ideas, see the EODR book - p. 139.


    Then there is the Rejuvenate Program.  As you will read in the EODR, this is about the Liver.  Just about everybody on this planet has a need to continuously cleanse their liver.  We live and work and play in environments that get more toxic as time goes by and we seem to inflict damage upon ourselves (though our eating, drinking, medicating, and breathing) continuously.  Gary Young is so right on to insist that we all become aware of the need to cleanse our bodies (and minds). especially our Liver.  More important to us than 'doing a liver cleanse' is to think of cleansing daily.  We love the product Juva Power as it contains 'Acid Binding Fibers' which pull acids away from the liver.  So long as the colon moves, these acids will be eliminated.  Some people need more serious 'medicine' - the Castor Pack with essential oils (Look for a blend to use under Liver Cancer in the EODR).  Or apply about 10 drops of Juva Tone first over the liver, and then apply the Castor Pack.

    Some people are really toxic and very 'stuck'.  Their colon is all dehydrated, they have a BM every 3 days etc.  These people need enemas and / or colonics as they begin a cleanse.  For sure they need to drink more water and less coffee, tea, and sodas, and they may need an herbal laxative such a 'smooth Move' for a few days - but not every day for weeks and weeks.  Dependencies like these need to be broken, so that the natural movement can be restored.

    Some people will get headaches on the second day.  Water does not always take care of the headache.  A half cup of Coffee and 1 Aspirin sometimes will knock it out.  While this remedy is not cleaning, it does restore comfort so these people can continue the process.  Depends how much coffee they drink when they start . . . and if they stop drinking it.  In all cases, drink more water and less coffee, black tea, and soda.

    Many people who need a cleanse will eventually go into a healing crises, where their body starts to cleanse faster than their organs of elimination can eliminate.  While one big feature of the 5 Day is that this situation is alleviated by the nature of it 'not being a fast', it will eventually come up for most people.  Again, enlighten them.  One of our teachers would say "Good for you.  You have worked hard to get to this point - now keep it going."  This is hard for people to do.  We tell them to ride it till it is too unbearable, then slow down the cleanse.  They may need to resume eating . . . BUT NOT AS BEFORE.  Eat lighter, continue with at least one shake and 2-3 ounces of NXR a day and consume more veggie protein (Rice, millet, whole grains, beans etc. than animal proteins.  Be easy on your system for a few days - let your Kidneys and Liver catch up, and then dive back in.

PARAFREE and Parasites

    Many people are deeply afraid of parasite infections.  Sometimes, this fear is very real and a person is way overloaded with parasites.  We feel it is very important for us all to understand the 'parasite - host' relationship.  Parasites proliferate and rapidly expands their population when the host environment is ripe - or fertile.  The first and most important aspect of a parasite cleanse is to change the environment - this is where cleansing, from the inside out, is essential.  Cleansing (on the physical level) begins in the mouth, because this directly affects the stomach, the intestines, the blood, the internal organs or glands, and the elimination system.  If we get clogged up in any of these areas, we have created the host condition for parasites.  We also have created a zone that is ripe for inflammation and eventual decay.

    Fortunately, for those of us who have created a personal interest in essential oils, we have available for our us an array of the most powerful natural substances to handle the situation.  The essential oils of Thyme, Clove, Nutmeg, Anise, Fennel, Vetiver, Idaho Tansy, Cumin, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Ledum, Melissa, Bergamot, Peppermint, and Bay Laurel are all powerful allies in combating a parasite invasion.

    Again, the first step is to initiate a cleanse - especially a colon cleanse as it will be sluggish.  You will need to remove the accumulated waste and speed up the elimination process.  As you begin to feel the colon moving better, begin using PARAFREE as directed in the EODR - 3x daily for 21 days, then a rest cycle.  Repeat.  Remember, we do not accumulate the waste products from our life (metabolism) overnight.  Waste and toxic by-products accumulate over time - commit to a long-term program of cleansing to make ourselves pure on the insides.


    NXR is helpful for the Kidneys, and we have heard from numerous people about how it has helped their Kidneys become stronger - and lower back pain lessening.  Many people in health challenged life situations do good to drink 2 ounces of NXR 2 to 3 times per day.  You can also substitute about 2 ozs. of the whole berries for one of the portions - soak them overnight to make them easier to chew and digest.


    Ultimately, all cleansing is initiated in the consciousness through the mind, so the next paper we are going to share info on the most important cleansing to take on. This is the 'CLEANSING OF THE FLESH AND BLOOD' type cleansing of antiquity, known more now as EMOTIONAL CLEANSING. This is very powerful work to do, and it just so happens that it is in this arena where the essential oils can have the most profound of effects. This is the work to do.

    For now, here are a three great recipes:


Juice of 2 med Lemons - - - about 6 ozs. (or get Knudsens Organic Lemon Juice in 16 ozs. bottles)
2 - 4 Tablespoons pure Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar
Splash of Cayenne Pepper (to your taste)
4 ozs. Ningxia Red
20 ozs. Pure Water

    This will make one quart of Master Cleanser.  Drink 8 -12 ounces per serving.  Drink one to three times per day - best in morning to help flush the Kidneys and restore Alkaline pH.


3 bunches fresh Kale - green curled Kale works best
3 ounces fresh Lemon juice - 1 med Lemon
3 ounces Olive Oil
1 1/2 ounces Braggs aminos, or to taste
4 - 8 medium garlic cloves - pressed
1 & 1/2 cup nutritional yeast
3 drops Young Living Basil Oil

    Wash the kale and spin dry.   Remove the stems and break into large bite sized pieces.
Add all the other ingredients together and stir together well, forming a thick dressingl.  Pour dressing over kale and mix ensuring all the kale is coated.  Prepare at least 30 minutes before eating, as the olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice act on the kale like a 'cevichi'.  Bon appitite!  Be prepared to be surprised.


1/4 Whole Wolfberries soaked overnight in 4 ozs. pure water
1 med size frozen banana
2 slices fresh pineapple peeled, cored, and in 1 inch pieces (also, can be frozen like this)
3-4 ozs of pure water (or NXR)
2 scoops of Balance Complete
3 drops YLEO Orange Oil (or Tangerine Oil)
2 Tablespoons ground up Flax Seeds

    Blend all ingredients till smooth - take with 2 Omega Blue and 1 Digest and Cleanse capsules.  Also, if you desire, take 3-4 MultiGreens caps.