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Tis the Season for Frankincense!

You’ve probably heard the rumors that Young Living is out of Frankincense or seen the misleading ads. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Young Living has a Seed To Seal promise and won’t sacrifice quality just to meet a demand. We are working with nature and plants, you just can’t rush mother nature.


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We have 3 distinct different species of Frankincense (we don’t blend them together)


Frankincense Resins are NOT equal in quality. On the open market, traders often combine species and grades of resin to sell to unsuspecting buyers. Resins of varies shades and colors, usually means the resin has been combined with different cuts, areas and possibly from different years. Only trained experts, like our Founder D. Gary Young (and those partner with Young Living) understand the subtleties of purchasing resin.

When desiring quality, it pays to know your company and WHAT they are really getting. Only the Seed to Seal process assures you are getting what you paid for. In my opinion if you are buying a “blend” of Frankincense, your company is purchasing from a supplier who has purchased inferior resin. Quality takes time and commitment and Young Living has been and is the World Leader in Essential Oils and have been for over 20 years now!

Since I work in the healthcare field, I like to explain it this way. If you were having surgery, would you like a surgeon who has been doing this surgery for YEARS or do you want a brand new surgeon who is just starting out? I’ll take experience ANY day!



Boswellia Frank Frereana Frank Sacred Frank

And we have Resin with a Burner as well!

Burner Frank Resin



30 years as a Respiratory Therapist and a current Asthma Educator. Young Living member and educator since 2003. Licensed Massage Therapist and trained in Raindrop Technique. Zyto Compass available.

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